MDP Party center in Hoadedhdhoo subjected vandalism


incident unfolded on Monday night as the main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party center in GDh. Hoadedhdhoo fell victim to a heinous act of vandalism, involving the use of crude oil. Startling images circulating across social media platforms showcase the party center’s walls, furniture, and decor doused in crude oil, painting a disheartening picture.

Hussein Warish, President of the Hoadedhoo Council, provided insight into the extent of the damage, clarifying that the core infrastructure of the party center remained unharmed. He emphasized that the primary form of destruction was the reckless spreading of crude oil throughout the premises. In a further blow, he highlighted that certain campaign posters located in the nearby jetty area had also been deliberately defaced, adding an element of targeted malice to the incident.

Prompt action was taken in response to the appalling act, as Warish promptly reported the incident to the local police. The authorities were informed of the incident at approximately 6:00 am on the same morning. Law enforcement wasted no time in initiating a thorough investigation into the matter, pledging to bring the culprits to justice. At this stage, no arrests have been made in connection to the vandalism, but the police remain resolute in their pursuit of those responsible.

This incident follows a troubling pattern of attacks against MDP’s facilities. Just recently, MDP’s party center in Madaveli, which was set to host a campaign rally for President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, suffered extensive damage as it was set ablaze and subjected to vandalism ahead of the scheduled event. These back-to-back attacks have raised concerns about the safety and security of political spaces and events in the Maldives, prompting authorities and citizens alike to reflect on the importance of safeguarding democratic processes and maintaining a peaceful political landscape.