High-profile resignations and endorsements: President Solih gains support ahead of Maldives election


As the Maldives presidential election draws near, several high-profile figures have announced their support for incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The most recent endorsements have come from Hassan Shah, the Managing Director of the Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC), Aminath Mohamed Saleem, Deputy Minister at the Higher Education Ministry, Adam Azim, CEO and Managing Director of the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), and Waleeda Waleed, Deputy Minister at the Heritage Ministry.

Shah, Saleem, Azim, and Waleed have all resigned from the Jumhoory Party (JP) in order to endorse President Solih. This show of support is significant and highlights the growing number of influential individuals backing the incumbent president.

President Solih has a track record of prioritizing the needs of his constituents and implementing policies that improve their quality of life. Under his leadership, the Maldives has made strides in healthcare, education, and environmental conservation. However, there have been criticisms from some quarters that not enough progress has been made in areas such as economic growth and job creation.

While the endorsements from Shah, Saleem, Azim, and Waleed are a boost to President Solih’s re-election campaign, there are several other candidates vying for the presidency.

The upcoming election will be an important test of the Maldives’ democratic credentials, and it is crucial that the voting process is free, fair, and transparent. The Maldives has a history of political turmoil, and it is essential that the election is conducted in a manner that is seen as legitimate by all stakeholders.

Overall, while the endorsements for President Solih are significant, the election outcome is far from certain, and it remains to be seen who will emerge as the winner. The Maldives’ future will depend on the outcome of the election, and it is hoped that the country will continue to move forward and make progress regardless of who is elected as the next president.