Feydhoo to see construction of modern school begin in 2023


The Education Minister, Dr. Aishath Ali, announced on Friday that the construction of a modern school in the Feydhoo district of Addu City will begin this year, following its inclusion in the current year’s budget. The announcement was made during a ceremony held to mark the 50th anniversary of Feydhoo School, and the Minister used the opportunity to emphasize the urgent need for a new school in the area.

During a visit to the island with the president last year, Minister Aishath said that the most pressing request from the residents was for a new school. She stated that the inclusion of the school’s development in the 2023 state budget is a clear indication that the president heard and acted on the residents’ request. The Minister also highlighted the importance of modern education and the role of schools in shaping the future of children.

The new school will be designed to meet the requirements of modern education. It will feature a range of facilities such as workshops, a cafeteria, a kitchen, laboratories, and other state-of-the-art amenities. The school will be designed to provide a comfortable and stimulating environment for students to learn and grow. The Education Ministry has also received the registry of the land on which the new school will be built and plans to begin construction as soon as possible.

The Minister expressed her hope that the cornerstone for this new school will be laid down at the earliest and that physical work will commence soon. The school will not only provide a better learning environment for students but also will be a boost for the local economy as it will create jobs for the people living in the area. Education is a vital aspect of any society, and it is essential that we invest in our children’s future by providing them with the best possible learning environment.

The Education Ministry is committed to ensuring that the new school is built on time and to the highest standards possible.