Maldives Elections Commission Announces Dates and Details for 2023 Presidential Election


The Elections Commission of Maldives announced, that 2023 Presidential Election will be held on September 9. The Commission also revealed the specific dates for the election, which include:

  • Publishing the voter registry: May 2 – June 2
  • Submitting candidacy: July 23 – August 3
  • Nominating election observers and monitors: July 25 – August 13
  • Candidate number announcement: August 9
  • Presidential campaign: August 10 – September 8

According to the Elections Commission, the presidential election will include 21,000 newly eligible voters. The eligible voting population for the election is over 280,000 voters, which is a 10% increase compared to the 260,000 eligible voters in the 2018 election.

ECM also stated that over 600 ballot boxes will be placed for the election, an increase compared to the 472 ballot boxes placed in 2018. More ballot boxes will be placed in the Greater Male’ Region this year, with 145 boxes in Male’ City, 47 boxes in Hulhumale’, and 10 boxes in Villimale’. A total of 50 boxes will be placed in resorts and 327 boxes will be placed in cities and islands.

Additionally, ECM is holding discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on placing ballot boxes abroad. The electoral body expects to place 12 ballot boxes in countries with over 150 registered voters. A total of 6,772 workers will be active during the election, including election officials, taskforce workers, workers at atoll and island focal points, and coordinators.