Power Struggle within the Progressive Party of Maldives


Yameen’s Imprisonment Impacts PPM’s Presidential Candidacy

Abdulla Yameen, the prominent leader of the Maldivian opposition coalition (PPM&PNC), has been barred from participating in the upcoming presidential elections due to his 11-year sentence for money laundering and corruption charges. Despite denying the allegations, Yameen’s prospects of being acquitted seem bleak given the swift pace of the trial. As a result, his name will not appear on the ballot for this year’s presidential election.

Despite the efforts of PPM members to keep Yameen as their presidential candidate, he cannot contest the election unless his conviction is overturned by the high court. In light of this, PPM must find an alternative candidate who can challenge MPD’s Presidential candidate President Ibrahim Solih in the election to be held in September.

Who Will Benefit from President Yameen’s Imprisonment?

The imprisonment of President Yameen has created a power gap within the party. Although the PPM leadership has been hesitant to discuss the competition for the presidential ticket, it is widely known that there is a power struggle within the party. Some senior party members and Yameen’s loyalists have accused certain leaders of the party, who had previously declined the presidential ticket, of remaining quiet and plotting against President Yameen.

Loyal Followers of Yameen Isolated

The recent senatorial elections saw the separation of President Yameen’s loyalists as they were excluded from the voting list. This has left them feeling isolated from the party and the government. The entire Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) is aware that Yameen’s run in this election will not be smooth as he faces multiple allegations.

Other Factions within the opposition Coalition

Speaking at Hope Conference held in Male, President of People’s National Congress, Abdul Raheem said that party is going through hard times because of Yameen’s absence. Though, not in clear terms, he has stressed on the fact that if Yameen is not getting out of jail in time, the party needs a strong alternative.

According to Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, there are many obstacles for President Yameen to be released from the appeal process. This includes the increased amount of time spent in different courts. Jameel went out of Maldives in exile. Now he has also come back and is trying to regain his political stand. He might be supporting Yameen but is looking for its interest.

The former Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali, and PPM’s Vice President and Guraidhoo MP Gassan Maumoon also showed high presence and enthusiasm in the rallies organized against Yameen’s conviction.

Waheed Rejoins Maldives Politics, Urges Democracy Restoration –

Former President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has announced his return to politics, expressing concern that the Maldives’ childhood dream of democracy is slipping away. Dr. Waheed believes that only Yameen and the PPM coalition can bring back democracy to the country. Despite Yameen’s recent jail sentence, Waheed is unperturbed and sees it as a sign of hope for his own politics

This sudden political move in an election year and Yameen’s imprisonment could indicate Waheed’s aspirations for the presidential ticket of his party. Moreover, Waheed participated in a rally organized by the PPM coalition calling for Yameen’s release. This marks the first time that Waheed, serving as an advisor to the opposition, has taken a prominent role in a party protest. While PPM supporters advocated for Yameen’s freedom, Waheed’s stance presented a contrasting perspective.

Challenges in President Yameen’s Release and Political Standing

According to Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, there are numerous challenges facing President Yameen’s release from the appeals process, including prolonged court proceedings. Jameel, who previously fled to exile, has returned and is attempting to regain his political influence. Although he may support Yameen, he is primarily looking out for his own interests. Additionally, it is rumored that some prominent members within the party are targeting the presidential ticket, which was previously given to President Yameen. There are also reports of factions working to boost their popularity in preparation for the upcoming election.

Alternate Selection by Yameen

If President Yameen is prevented from pursuing the presidential race, party plans to select a suitable replacement to maintain his grip on the party. The consensus is that whoever Yameen chooses to give the presidential ticket to will be under his control. The ideal candidate for this position would be someone with limited political aspirations. Given the state of politics in the country and the past five years of experience, this is a crucial decision that must be made carefully.

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) was initially led by Former President Maumoon, but President Yameen eventually gained control over the entire party through his power and influence. It is still fresh in Yameen’s mind how his brother Maumoon was ousted and dishonored from the party. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will take any actions that could result in losing control of the PPM and losing his position.

Silent Plot Against President Yameen

However, it is imperative that Yameen’s case is appealed to the High Court as soon as possible to seek justice. Despite the lawyers’ assertions, there is no clear plan on how President Yameen will be freed in March without a court appeal. Meanwhile, despite their public protests, none of these individuals, including Waheed, Jameel, Ghassan, or Adam Shareef, are willing to put their own ambitions aside or make a significant effort to secure Abdullah’s release from prison before the upcoming presidential elections.