Election Commission passes No-Confidence vote against President Fuwad Thawfeek amid allegations of misuse of position


In a recent development, the President of the Election Commission, Fuwad Thawfeek, faced a no-confidence vote from within the commission.

The crucial meeting took place on July 18, where five members voted on the motion. Three out of the five members expressed their lack of confidence in Fuwad’s ability to effectively carry out his duties as President. However, the commission chose not to disclose any official remarks about the meeting.

Following the meeting, a document outlining the decisions made was made available on the Election Commission’s website. It revealed that a resolution had been passed, indicating that Fuwad’s performance as President could not be trusted.

It’s worth noting that the Election Commission’s President and Vice-President are elected by the members of the Commission through a voting process. However, as per the Election Commission Act, there is no provision for directly removing the President and Vice-President from their positions. Removal of a Commission member can only be done through submission to and approval by the Parliament.

The motion of no-confidence against Fuwad arose from concerns raised by certain commission members, who accused him of leveraging his position to favor the registration of the new political party, The Democrats.