Ibu’s four year milestones


President Ibu Solih’s first day at office was marked today on 17th Nov 2018. Four years have passed since and under his wings, he has taken Maldives to new heights. Against all odds, through challenging times, President Ibu has shown commendable leadership.

The policies that he has introduced, the agendas that he has set and the key frameworks that he has put to his commitment towards national building is a feat that no other President has been able to achieve.

Lets evaluate his four years at work:

During the first 100 days of the government, Ibu and his team worked on 59 pledges, under seven categories— Justice, Transport, Tourism, Environment, Business, Fisheries, Agriculture.

The status of completion so far is 86.45%. This means that out of 59, 8 pledges are still under progress. This has to be the highest success rate achieved by a President of Maldives during his term.

Besides, Ibu’s first 100 day pledges, he made reforms and introduced new services and policies. They are listed below:

  • Public Transport Network (RTL and Ferry)
  • Education Policy
  • Minimum wage Policy
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Guaranteed service charge
  • Wage increments for teachers (National Pay framework)
  • Water and sewerage for all
  • Climate-smart initiative
  • National Health Insurance Scheme
  • Gender equality action plan
  • Youth Policy
  • Green Tax
  • Nationwide tree plantation programme “Rah Fehi”
  • Maternity Leave
  • Nationwide ‘school breakfast program’
  • To enable persons with disabilities
  • Strategic Action Plan (SAP)
  • NooRaajje programme
  • Housing Policy
  • Child Safeguarding Policy

Public Transport Network: This policy was executed on 14th March 2019 after discussions with MTCC. Raajje Transport Link(RTL) service include RTL ferry services and RTL bus services. Lack of public transport within Male has been a long due issue and the introduction of this transport network has catered a lot of people in easing their commute.

Education policy: To provide free of charge Bachelor’s Degrees and a 3% reduction of the educational loan’s interest rate and a 25% increment in the payback period for those students who took student loans to study abroad.
Minimum Wage Policy: The initiative eliminated the biggest obstacle to attracting professional principals and teachers for the education sector
Zero Tolerance to corruption: His administration initiated the declaration of assets of all political appointees and board members of State Companies as part of its first 100 day pledges.
Wage increments for teachers (National Pay framework): 56 per cent rise in the salaries of graduate-level secondary school teachers from MVR 12,628 to MVR 19,740, excluding overtime

Infrastructure projects are underway in 55 schools across the country.

  • 4,082 teachers provided training and higher education opportunities in 2021.
  • Overseas postgraduate programmes secured for 20 principals in 2021.
  • Over 12,000 enrolled in the administration-funded first-degree programme.
Gender equality action plan: Aim is to increase the number of women in positions of leadership and policy making.

Female ministers- 33 percent of the current cabinet

Male-female ratio of ambassadors- 50-50

One-third of council seats to women resulted in 39.8 percent female representation in the island councils.

Ratified amendments to the Decentralisation Act in December 2019, allocating a third of council seats to women, which saw the election of 388 women to local councils.

Youth Policy (Peer Educators Training of Trainers program): Youth policy is framed towards strengthening the governance framework to respond well to youth issues, enhancing social outcomes for young people and supporting young women and men gain economic empowerment. More than forty-three percent of our total population falling between the ages of 18 and 35.
Green Tax: The amendment which was passed to the Tourism Act prior to this states Green Tax will be enforced upon tourist resorts, hotels, tourist vessels, and guesthouses starting from next year’s January.

The aim of this amendment was to mandate Green Tax upon hotels and guesthouses similar to resorts.

Maternity Leave (March 2019): All mothers will be granted 6 months paid maternity leave, and 1 month paid paternity leave for fathers
Nationwide ‘school breakfast program’: This program is a key policy initiative of this government pertinent to the education sector. By ensuring that all students have access to a healthy meal first thing in the morning.
NooRaajje programme: The NooRaajje programme will run from 2020 through 2024, and comprise of scientific expeditions into the Maldives’ ocean spaces, shaping policy on the proper use of marine resources, and consultations with communities to devise better means of protecting the Maldives’ marine ecosystems.
Housing Policy: The government plans to build over 15,000 housing units during its term. President Solih announced that, while 1,000 housing units are currently in development, projects for an additional 4,000 units have been contracted so far—this would raise the total number of units under development to 5,000 by the end of the year.

This was a jog down the memory lane to understand that Maldives has steadily progressed over the years. The captain that has been in control of the turning wheels has sailed the ship smoothly so far.