Yameen makes brazen statement “No room for others in my next Govt Except PPM”


Former President and leader of the opposing Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Abdulla Yameen met a large number of Komandoo constituents residing in the capital as part of the campaign activities for PPM’s Komandoo by-election candidate Moosa Fathuhy.

Speaking at the meeting, Yameen said there would be no room for other . when institutions and companies employ PPM’s “children” in the next ruling of his government. He also stressed that priority will only be given to those working in PPM today in every aspect.

“With God’s grace, if our government can serve the people in 2023, the jobs of state-owned companies and institutions will be given to ppm children. There will be no room for anyone else.” Yameen said.

During the meeting, President Yameen also spoke on the reasons why PPM could not win in the last parliamentary elections. He said that “PPM could not win most of the seats in the 2019 parliamentary elections due to an agreement with Jumhooree Party (JP). Therefore, the party will never form a coalition in a parliamentary election again. Even if we did form a coalition, I will not leave any constituency in the people’s majlis. We will make sure that there are 100 ppm members stationed in these areas,” Yameen said.

This just shows how power-hungry Yameen can really become. He is so brazened to announce this publicly saying that only those people in support for PPM will get employment opportunity and given top priority under his regime.

In a retraced statement, where PPM can be seen trying to lessen the damage dealt for the unethical pledges made by the party leader said ‘Yameen did not intent to communicate his message as saying that he will not employ members of political parties other than PPM.’

But even with all these new interpretations behind the motive of his speech, being carried out— history and reports lodged in the past cannot be erased.

Some of the infamous achievements made by PPM led Govt in the past:

  • PPM pressured employees of state-owned enterprises in a membership drive to sign up and register with the then ruling party.
  • Employees of the 100 percent state-owned Maldives Ports Limited and State Trading Organization alleged that the party managers threatened to sack them if they did not oblige.
  • A woman who was promised a flat in Male under a housing scheme launched by former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration, said PPM party lawmakers urged the flat winners to sign up to the party to secure their flats.
  • The Housing Development Corporation was accused of funding President Abdulla Yameen’s failed re-election campaign.
  • According to sources, an internal audit of the company revealed MVR30 million (US$1.9 million) was illegally spent for the campaign.
  • Hiyaa social housing scheme included several relatives of Dr Abdulla Khaleel, the former secretary-general of the Progressive Party of Maldives.
  • Another report also stated that a candidate backed by former president Abdulla Yameen made the list despite having lived outside the capital most of his life.
  • Nearly MVR2 million (US$129,700) was spent from the budget of a state-owned company to build the office of the former ruling party.
  • MVR2.5 million (US$162,127) had been diverted from the state-owned Maldives Gas company to finance a mosque that was built as a welfare project of former first lady, wife of Yameen.
  • The PPM-dominated parliament amended the electoral law to allow individuals with criminal records to contest in the local council elections. Opposition lawmakers contended that the bill was proposed because the PPM at that time was struggling to find candidates to contest on its ticket.
  • The changes were aimed at securing the candidacies of the then ruling party members who were unable to run due to criminal record.

The kind of future Yameen is seen proposing to his supporters is the exact continuity of all these dirty acts of corruption that he has once advocated in Maldives.

According to the list of election Commission, there is around 37,093 active listed members of PPM. If what Yameen promises becomes reality then he must create vacancies in different sectors to employ his people. Acknowledging the fact that he has said even state owned institutions will be for PPM members and their children, does that mean that people who are already entitled to their offices will be stripped off from their jobs?

If only PPM members are stationed in the Parliament, the Judiciary, will there be enough transparency in the government? A blueprint from the past that shows us the type of favors and priorities PPM supporters will get but is this what the majority of the public want?