President Solih affirms commitment to peaceful governance and development in the Maldives


In a recent campaign rally at Sh. Milandhoo, President Solih reassured the public that his government remains committed to upholding the principles of justice and democracy. Addressing the crowd on Monday night, the President emphasized that no individual has been arrested for political reasons under his administration.

President Solih took pride in the peaceful and harmonious environment that his government has fostered throughout the country. He highlighted the absence of any cases of political imprisonment or arrests of journalists during his presidency, reflecting his commitment to upholding the right to freedom of expression and a fair judiciary.

During his speech, the President acknowledged the remarkable progress of development projects under his leadership, stating that there has been no need to declare a state of emergency. The country has experienced rapid advancements, thanks to the government’s dedicated efforts to provide essential services to its citizens over the last five years.

With the aim of driving further economic changes and fulfilling promises made to the nation, President Solih emphasized that the government’s main objective remains centered around development. He pledged to continue bringing progress to the Maldives, ensuring that the welfare of the people remains a top priority.

Looking ahead to his second term, the President shared his vision for additional economic changes that would complement the ongoing progress. While celebrating the achievements thus far, he expressed optimism for an even brighter future, characterized by sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

As the campaign gains momentum, President Solih reiterated his commitment to leading the nation towards stability, prosperity, and unity. His determination to build a better future for the Maldives remains unwavering, as he seeks to solidify his government’s legacy as a beacon of peace, development, and progress.