Former President Yameen accuses Ruling coalition of plotting arrest of family members


Former President Abdulla Yameen recently claimed that the current the ruling PPM-PNC coalition, deliberately wanted his wife, Fathimath Ibrahim and son, Zain Abdulla Yameen, to participate in protests calling for his release, with the intention of having them arrested.

Yameen made these allegations during a rally held at the People’s National Front (PNF) headquarters in Male’ City. He expressed frustration over comments made by Abdul Raheem Abdulla, the chairperson of PNC, who had questioned the loyalty of Yameen’s family members. Abdul Raheem Abdulla implied that it was the PNC leadership, not Yameen’s family, who had shown loyalty by protesting during Yameen’s imprisonment.

Yameen criticized the PPM-PNC leadership for allegedly orchestrating which protestors would be arrested during demonstrations. He claimed to be aware of the selection process and suggested that his family members would have been targeted if they had participated in the protests as directed by the leadership.

Furthermore, Yameen questioned whether Abdul Raheem Abdulla’s family members were rewarded with government positions for their involvement in the protests.

Yameen’s allegations come in the context of his imprisonment on charges of bribery and money laundering related to the sale of V. Aarah. He was transferred home shortly after President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu won the presidential election. However, Yameen distanced himself from the PPM-PNC coalition soon after Muizzu took office, and he began efforts to establish the PNF.

Despite legal restrictions on his involvement in politics due to his conviction, Yameen remains active in PNF activities, including attending meetings and campaign events. He has also become increasingly critical of President Muizzu’s administration.