President Muizzu misusing state funds for election campaigns


MP Ahmed Easa, spokesperson for the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), has accused President Muizzu of utilizing state funds for campaign trips in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections. According to Easa,MVR 100 million of taxpayer money has been expended by President Muizzu on these campaign excursions.

Drawing information from various media outlets and sources, Easa highlighted the purported misuse of funds during an MDP press conference. He underscored that such utilization of state resources constitutes an abuse of authority, calling for urgent investigations by key institutions including the Elections Commission (EC), Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), and Parliament.

Easa specifically pointed fingers at the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC), refuting any claims that the party had financially supported President Muizzu’s trips. He urged transparency from the PNC, challenging them to disclose any payments made in contradiction to his claims.

The issue, Easa emphasized, will be brought before parliamentary committees once the legislative body resumes its sessions from recess. He affirmed that these committees would ensure thorough inquiries into the matter, encompassing scrutiny of various institutions involved.

Addressing the role of security forces, Easa noted their involvement in ensuring the President’s security during both official and private trips. However, he stressed the importance of adherence to established rules, particularly regarding the financing of party-related journeys.

Furthermore, Easa reiterated the gravity of the allegations, emphasizing that the use of state funds for campaigning purposes is strictly prohibited. He pledged to lodge complaints with relevant authorities and parliamentary committees to address these violations.

Contrasting the present situation with past practices, Easa recalled the reimbursement of state expenses during the previous administration led by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. This comparison serves to underscore the gravity of the allegations against President Muizzu and highlights the need for accountability and transparency in governance.