Financial assistance to be provided for local students in Ukraine: Ministry of Higher Education


Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 24th Feb, 2022 reported that out of the 35 students residing in Kharkiv, 25 have returned to Maldives. Kharkiv is the closest main city of Ukraine to Russian border.

Its been reported that there are about 14 more students in a city east to Ukraine and the authority have been in touch with them as well. A total of 21 Maldivian students remain in different areas in Ukraine.

In the latest update by the Ministry of Higher Education, it was stated that financial assistance has been provided to 21 students who are unable to return to Maldives due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Also, foreign currency transaction on BML(Bank of Maldives) cards has been increased for these students.

“Card limits of 21 students have been increased to assist them manage ticket, as well as other expenses that will be incurred at Ukraine. In addition to this, we have transferred money sent through Higher Education Ministry urgently, for some students,” BML’s Public Relations Manager Mohamed Saeed said.

President Solih on tuesday, Feb 22, ordered to facilitate the safe return of students residing in Ukraine.

With air travels suspending amidst war attacks from Russia, locals who have remained in Ukraine are now stuck in the country.The government can be seen getting flamed in social media, calling their incompetency in failing to bring locals home but a tweet from the warzone has resurfaced assuring the people that the government was assisting them in their best possible way.

Currently, the Foreign Ministry have stated that they are in talks with governments of neighboring countries to evacuate the students to a safer area.