China takes a cheap shot at Ukraine: Falsely alleges the President has fled the capital


The China state-owned media, CCTV and Global Times published an article that read the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky had left Kyiv.

As the world sits on the edge, keeping updates on any new development between Russia-Ukraine war. The internet can be seen stormed with various media text, videos and news. Even in the war-torn conflict, some factions can be seen propagating and filtering the content for their own advantage.

Bloomberg’s reporter Linda Lew soon got hold of this information and shared the screenshots of the transcripts to twitter quoting, “Speechless, CCTV & Chinese media are amplifying Russian propaganda that @ZelenskyyUa has left Ukraine, when it looks like he is continuing to tweet from Kyiv, debunking rumours that he has left.”

She made a second post to twitter as CCTV released another article quoting Russian press secretary Peskov, “Ukraine has rejected negotiations & so Russian military action will continue.” Her point here in sharing this piece of information was to highlight how biased the China’s coverage for the entire Russia-Ukraine conflict is. It looked like they were running Russia based news propaganda and intentionally omitting Ukrainian side of info.

Denying and rejecting the rumors of President Volodymyr Zelensky fleeing, the Ukranian leader posted a video to facebook showing him and his political colleagues outside the President’s office in Kyiv.

“Our troops are here, citizens are here,” Zelenskyy continued, adding that “all of us are here protecting our independence of our country. And it will continue to be this way. Glory to our defenders, Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Heroes,” this was his message in the video.

As per reports, the Russia’s Cyberspace Administration, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media has asked the media not to use words such as ‘invasion’ and ‘attack’ to describe the Russian-Ukraine war. This same intend can be seen emitting from China as in the way it is covering the entire warzone.