Pres. Solih won the MDP 2023 Presidential Primary


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has emerged victorious in the MDP Presidential Primary Election 2023. The interim results reveal that he won the election by a massive margin, garnering 61.10% of the total votes. With 24,566 votes, he was ahead of his opponent, former President Mohamed Nasheed, who received 15,641 votes.

The interim results indicate that President Solih was more popular in most cities, with the exception of Kulhudhuffushi City, where Nasheed received 245 votes compared to Solih’s 219 votes. In Male’ City, Solih won 2,199 votes, while Nasheed received 2,115 votes. The results from Addu City showed Solih winning 2,777 votes and Nasheed receiving 2,536 votes. In Fuvahmulah City, Solih received 733 votes, and Nasheed received 699 votes.

Islands with 100 percent votes for President Solih

  • – Haa Dhaalu atoll Nolhivaranfaru
  • – Raa atoll Kinolhas
  • – Alifu Alifu atoll Bodufulhadhoo
  • – Alifu Dhaalu atoll Kurunbudhoo
  • – Alifu Dhaalu atoll Dhidhoo
  • – Thaa atoll Vandhoo
  • – Laamu atoll Mundoo

Development Efforts Show Positive Outcomes

According to Ahmed Shiyaz, the President of the Vandhoo Council, President Solih received a resounding 100% of the votes from MDP members on the island. Shiyaz attributes this support to the numerous development projects carried out on the island in the past four years, which surpasses the amount of work done in the past 50 years combined.

The island, with a population of around 400 people, has seen the completion of 90% of its utility projects and work is underway on the FENAKA building and a futsal court. These projects have provided employment opportunities for the youth, and Shiyaz predicts that once they are completed, there will be no unemployed youth on the island. The President’s popularity on the island is largely due to the administration’s willingness to tackle projects that previous governments hesitated to undertake due to the island’s small size.

In the north of the Maldives, President Solih received overwhelming support, with all votes cast in his favor except for three from Haa Dhaalu Naivaadhoo. Ahmed Afaq, a Council member from Naivaadhoo, credits the ongoing projects on the island as the reason for Solih’s 90% win. The locals were pleasantly surprised by the water supply and sewerage installations implemented on their island, which they never expected to receive.

Boosting Employment Opportunities a Factor in Voting Outcome

President Solih received overwhelming support from the island of Gaafu Dhaalu Vaadhoo, with 177 out of the 184 votes cast in his favor. In contrast, his opponent, Mohamed Nasheed, received only seven votes. The island has a total population of about 400 people.

The President of Vaadhoo’s Island Council, Hassan Abdulla, attributes the high number of votes for Solih to the employment opportunities created on the island. He states that no one in the age group of 18-65 will have trouble finding a job. Abdulla also emphasizes that the votes were cast freely and not through coercion. The fact that more projects are being carried out on the island, despite its small population, also played a factor in Solih’s win in the primary election.

After winning the election, President Solih met with his supporters and encouraged all members of the party to work together to win the upcoming Presidential Election in 2023. Interim results indicate that President Solih is leading the polls in most of the islands. This marks the first time that he has contested in an MDP presidential primary.

A total of 57,255 members of the main ruling party were eligible to vote in the MDP primary, and 244 ballot boxes were placed across the country for the election.