Vice President of PNC subtly threatens Ruling coalition members (MDP,MRM,AP,JP) may have to flee once Yameen becomes President


Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC), Ibrahim Shujau has subtly hinted on the terror Yameen and his government will bring if PPM comes to power in 2023.

During a recent interview for a TV program, Shujau has stated that the current government officials will flee the country if PPM wins the 2023 presidential election. This gives us a flashback of the time when Yameen first emerged victorious as the President of Maldives in 2014. Many political leaders had to flee from their own country and take refuge so that they wouldn’t be wrongly prosecuted by the bias institutions that had been manipulated under the influence of Abdulla Yameen.

Shujau goes on to say that “the government of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and senior officials of MDP are being unfair against ex President Yameen and that the MDP government is afraid that PPM will win the upcoming presidential election.” PPM is a force to reckon with. Who would dare not be afraid of them? A party being headed by a leader that’s know for being a dictator. One who can put you in jail under false charges of terrorism, one who for his own benefits and gains, imposes emergency lockdown as he pleases. Just imagining another 5 years of rule under this dictator will send shivers down anyone’s spine. So in this case, Ibrahim Shujau is not entirely wrong when he says the opposition is afraid.

It was not long ago when Abdulla Yameen himself gave blatant statements openly in his public addresses saying that when he becomes President in future, he will remove people from their offices who he deems are non supporters of his party. Also promised that he will only hand out jobs to kids of his loyal party members.

We have for far long known that the pink party has never held any regards for judicial reforms, constitutional rights or even basic rights, let alone human rights. It’s not surprising that a prominent party figure, representing the voice of many members can actually get away making such subtle threats about the possibility of another crackdown in the future.