MDP Chairperson Denies Allegations of Corruption


The Chairperson of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Fayyaz Ismail, dismissed accusations against him related to the Road Development Corporation (RDC) corruption case. He labeled the allegations as baseless.

Fayyaz Ismail received a summons to appear at the police station regarding the RDC corruption issue. He expressed his disbelief in the allegations, stating that he has not engaged in any criminal activities. Despite his confidence in his innocence, he pledged to fully cooperate with the investigation.

The former Economic Minister, Fayyaz, highlighted concerns about the political timing of the investigation, especially with parliamentary elections approaching. He urged the government to refrain from misusing state resources for political gains. Fayyaz suspects that the investigation might be politically motivated due to government influence over the police.

In an interview with Adhadhu, Fayyaz expressed his willingness to participate in the investigation despite being unclear about his direct involvement in the case.

The police investigation into the alleged corruption began a year and a half ago, revealing transfers of MVR 14 million to the personal accounts of three RDC employees. While investigations are ongoing, details about the transactions remain murky.

Authorities have conducted searches at the RDC office and other relevant locations associated with the case. Some individuals have been questioned, but no further information has been disclosed due to the ongoing investigation.

Fayyaz Ismail’s firm denial of the allegations underscores the contentious nature of the corruption case and its potential implications on the political landscape of the Maldives.