Former President raises concerns over surge in political appointments and government spending


Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, addressing attendees at a rally for Ifham Hussain, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate for the Maafannu Uthuru constituency in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, highlighted concerns regarding the escalating number of political appointments and its implications on government spending. Solih remarked that despite reassurances from senior officials regarding the state of the economy, the actions of the government contradict such assertions.

Solih noted that while President Muizzu was reportedly faced with a financially strained government upon assuming office, the decisions made over the past four months suggest otherwise. He also pointed out the recent acknowledgment by former President Abdulla Yameen regarding the issue of political appointments and stalled projects.

According to Solih, the government has halted approximately 1,700 projects and incurred an additional expenditure of MVR 300 million over the past three months compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. He questioned the rationale behind such expenditures, particularly concerning the surge in political appointments which has reached a point where appointees lack even basic office resources.

Expressing concern over the estimated creation of over 1,500 political posts, Solih emphasized the financial burden this places on the government, evident in the significant monthly recurrent expenditure on salaries. He decried this as “extreme waste,” cautioning that restarting halted projects would further exacerbate the financial strain on the country’s resources.

Solih warned of the potential repercussions if the current government secures a majority in the People’s Majlis, foreseeing an increasingly challenging future for the nation. He urged for prudent management of resources to avoid further financial strain on the country.