President Solih extends student loan program to empower education and foster national development


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih made a public announcement regarding the expansion of student loans to all eligible applicants who have submitted their loan applications. The President delivered this news during his speech at the ‘Top Achievers’ Award 2021-2022′ event, which celebrated students who achieved the highest scores in the 2021-2022 Higher Secondary Examinations. Joining him at the ceremony were First Lady Fazna Ahmed and Vice President Faisal Naseem, which took place in Dharubaaruge.

During his address, President Solih highlighted the significant progress made by the administration in the allocation process of student loans for individuals aspiring to pursue higher education within the Maldives or abroad. The President emphasized the administration’s commitment to providing ample opportunities for higher education, considering it a vital priority in their mission to foster responsible and productive citizens and youth, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

President Solih revealed that a total of 1,225 students met the eligibility requirements for the loans, and the administration intends to offer loans to all of them. He reassured that if any eligible student encounters difficulties in obtaining a student loan, the administration will thoroughly investigate the situation and take necessary actions to ensure that students can avail themselves of the benefits provided by the student loan program. Additionally, he mentioned that the Ministry of Higher Education would release more details about the student loan initiative in the near future.

Furthermore, the President emphasized the administration’s dedication to offering skill development opportunities to the youth, recognizing their crucial role in national development. By equipping young individuals with essential capabilities, the administration’s initiatives empower them to actively contribute to the growth of their communities and the overall progress of the nation. President Solih highlighted the National Apprenticeship Programme (NAP) as one of these initiatives, which has provided opportunities to 665 youth.

President Solih acknowledged the remarkable achievements of the students who successfully completed their higher secondary examinations, applauding their accomplishments despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. He emphasized that their success serves as a beacon of hope for the future of the country and reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to providing various other higher education opportunities to support the students’ educational aspirations.

During the ceremony, President Solih presented awards to the students who secured the first-place positions in the higher secondary examinations, while the First Lady presented awards to those who secured second place. The Vice President recognized the top achievers in their respective subject categories, commending their outstanding placements from second to tenth globally.

Out of the 2,849 candidates who participated in the higher secondary examinations the previous year, 445 students achieved positions in the national top 10 rankings. Among these students, 20 individuals earned top 10 rankings worldwide across different subject categories, with six students securing the first-place position globally.