President Solih Emphasizes Addu City’s Vital Role in the Success MDP


On Friday evening, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih paid a visit to the Addu city, where he was greeted by local residents. Accompanied by several high-ranking government officials, including Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid and Education Minister Aishath Ali, the president was there to campaign for the upcoming presidential primary of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

In his speech to the residents of Addu, President Solih highlighted the long-standing relationship between the city and the MDP. He noted that many senior posts in the party have been held by members from Addu City, and emphasized the sacrifices made by residents in the city when the party was first formed. The president also stressed that without the support of Addu residents, the MDP would not exist as it does today.

Furthermore, President Solih emphasized the importance of Addu City’s development, stating that the development of the Maldives as a whole is closely tied to the development of Addu City. He emphasized that it should be the residents of Addu City who first experience the positive impacts of changes in the Maldives, and that the Maldives would not develop without the city developing.

The president is scheduled to attend an event at Feydhoo School that evening, as he and other candidates, such as Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, continue to campaign in the atolls. As the presidential primary of the MDP approaches, the president and his team are working hard to gain the support of the voters in Addu City and across the Maldives.