Muizzu government suppresses PNF inaugural Congress


The police, acting under the directives of the current Muizzu administration, forcefully halted the inaugural congress of the People’s National Front (PNF), the newly formed political party led by former President Abdulla Yameen. Scheduled to commence at 10 pm within the premises of Ghiyasuddin International School, the event faced obstruction as police had already shut the gates before party officials and members could access the venue.

Expressing frustration and disappointment, PNF members, who had gathered nearby, swiftly voiced their demand for President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s resignation in response to the suppression of their democratic rights. Despite the closure, PNF supporters attempted to enter the school grounds, only to be met with excessive force by law enforcement, as reported by Adhadhu journalist Mohamed Shahzan.

Ghiyasuddin International School, a privately managed institution located in Male’, had made arrangements to host the PNF’s inaugural congress within its premises. However, the authorities intervened citing concerns over an alleged unauthorized gathering, purportedly acting upon a request from the Ministry of Education to safeguard the school’s integrity.

On Tuesday night, Zain Abdulla Yameen, the son of former President Yameen and the founder of PNF, had accused the authorities of orchestrating plans to disrupt the congress. He revealed that initially, the school had consented to hosting the event in its hall. However, the situation took a U-turn when police arrived with a document alleging a change in the school’s decision, effectively rescinding their permission.

Zain elaborated, stating, “The school sent an email saying that the ceremony [congress] cannot be held. So we will refund any advance or fee you have paid to us. Please give us an account number.”

The coercive measures employed by the authorities, seemingly at the behest of the Muizzu administration, not only violated the democratic rights of the PNF and its supporters but also raised questions regarding the government’s commitment to upholding fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. Such actions underscore a worrying trend of authoritarianism and disregard for dissent within the current political landscape, further eroding trust in the democratic process and governance.