If President Yameen has what it takes to be a leader then he must answer my Questions!


Large number of loans from countries like China, Saudi Arabia

Time and again you and PPM have been accused of corruption

Defamation bill have muzzled down the rights of Journalists

3 years since Rilwan took his last ferry ride to his home

Unsafe conditions for women in Maldives

Police, blamed extremist forces behind the murder

Now a days I don’t see news, as they are filled with news about how journalists are mistreated by the Government for reporting the truth. So I got the message loud and clear that PPM Government doesn’t want us to know the reality, that it wants to keep us in a bubble where we don’t see anything and suffer due to everything being done by them. And I tried, trust me I did try to cross the streets without fear, to ignore the mother who was in tears. A mother who’s son is now dead and the mother who’s son has not been found yet. Yes, I knew them both, Yameen and Rilwan were both my friend but still I tried to ignore their end. I ignored, I ignored my friends who wanted to be journalists still, even when they knew they could get killed. I tried to move away from the corruption you did, while I tried to buy food for my son who was ill. But the rebel inside me didn’t gave up, He kept asking me why am I doing this, when the Government isn’t bothering about you then why are you bothering for them?

So, President Yameen , here are the Questions of a Maldivian, who is a son, a father, a friend and a brother. Here are the questions from all of us, You have pledged to serve. Answer them if you still think you deserve to be our President!

1. How do you plan to repay all the loans that you have/are taking from foreign countries in order to ‘development’?

Since 2013, you have took a large number of loans from countries like China, Saudi Arabia etc. The amount has gone to billions and as a result Maldives is now under a severe debt. If the situation continues then soon we will go bankrupt like Puerto Rico. Please do tell your plan of repaying them( Are you going to ask for help from your ‘Business partners’?)

2. When are you returning all the money embezzled by you and your Government?

Time and again you and PPM have been accused of corruption. Though,this time I appreciate the fact that you decided to come out and accept this fact. Either it was money took through MMPRC, etc. All the money still remains in the lockers of your party members or you. This money is for us, the people of Maldives, who work day and night and play an important role in increasing the economy of our country. You took all this money to develop resorts but not even a hut was built. And now that you have admitted your mistakes , we only want you to , in your own words, bring back the money, resign and fight the next election without any ‘help’.

3. What about the Freedom of Speech and Expression in Maldives?

We are a democracy, we have our own constitution and it needs to be followed more and amended only when necessary. In past few years, whenever something has been added then it has snatched another right from the public, Especially, Freedom of Expression. Introducing new laws like the defamation bill have muzzled down the rights of Journalists working with Independent media houses. Many prominent news sites, newspapers shut, journalists arrested and fined under it. So when will this stop? Why should the journalists feel threatened just for doing their job? You even have a law regarding the criticism of your government on social media and have arrested people for the same! President Yameen doesn’t like his criticism is that so??

4. When will the abductors of Rilwan, murderers of Yamyn and Dr. Afrasheem be found?

Its been 3 years since Rilwan took his last ferry ride to his home, several months since Yaamyn was brutally murdered and 5 years since Dr. Afrasheem was found dead on the staircase of his house. But the culprits who dared to do such heinous crimes are still roaming fearlessly. Even the case of Dr. Afrasheem was reopened but Humam still remains subjected to a death sentence. Many petitions were filed, people came to streets and asked Questions but you didn’t even acknowledge them. Is being a President also means to be ignorant towards the problems of the common people?

5. Why does women safety still remain the biggest concern in Maldives?

Almost half of the population belongs to women in Maldives. But that half is totally effected by the unsafe conditions for women in Maldives. Even the Maldivian police choose not to follow the guidelines to arrest a women, they are yanked by their hair during peaceful protests by men constables. Arrested for raising their voice against Injustice. Raped, beaten and remain victim to crimes like domestic violence, eve teasing etc. What are you doing to make our country a safer place for women?

6. Why are you quiet /supporting the rise of extremism in Maldives?

In a press conference organized by Maldivian Police, they blamed extremist forces behind the murder of Yaamyn Rasheed. According to them, he tweeted or wrote things that hurt the religious sentiments of some people, who then thought of taking his life. I am a follower of Islam too and pray on a regular basis. I have studied Quran and know it by heart but nowhere in it is written that a person is allowed to kill someone. Allah never blesses a person who kills an innocent. I have read Yamyn’s blogs too, I knew him and his thoughts too well. He was a true human being and a true soul. He didn’t deserve this death and Allah hasn’t given anyone this right to take someone’s life! But this is what I think, as a President What are you doing to stop this? You have fought your elections on the basis of Islam and protecting its virtue but do you yourself know the real essence of Islam???

I could have asked these Questions to you on social media but then you would have imprisoned me under the defamation law, also entitling me to pay a hefty fine and I don’t earn much. So I would like to thank Maldives uprising for giving me a platform to ask them and remain anonymous too. I would also request my fellow Maldivians to ask their own Questions to the President. Democracy is for the people and by the people, if President Yameen says that he is not a dictator then he must answer the public.

These are the few Questions which keep bugging me while I try to take a peaceful sleep in the night. Sometimes I wonder, do they come in your mind too? If not then how are you able to have a sound sleep when a large fraction of Maldivians suffer day and night to make their ends meet???? And with this I wish and ask for several sleepless nights for you from Allah. Hope you reply.

A Maldivian by heart, Engineer by profession