Just a color : Green

Just another green tree,
your naked eye detects colors
label it, package it and sell it
on the land where my distant dreams stay awake
Unlike your vision,
my vision travels in the light of heart
it flashes the memories of its roots,
its struggle to keep us from the cries
a leaf would sprout and I would blossom
monetary weak, rich by joys
my lineage would always weave
ropes and uncertainty
just to keep us alive…
today, your pledge is to reclaim us
Is it to destroy us in the name of empower us?
What would I do without my mangroves
he would cry out loud and flood my life
are you going to paint the shining walls with our blood stains?
The souls of our homes gone by ?
Are you still on your way to give flights to many million dreams
when our dreams are already crawling?
Poem by –  Shaaheen