Maldives is Beautiful Paradise in the World

The Survival of Maldives and its Maldivians citizens is at stake now…
Because, When power got into the wrong hands of Yameen Regime, this is what Happened…
We are tallking about Head of the country at the moment, controversially elected President Abdulla Yameen.
  • Maldives Biggest CORRUPTION (MMPRC) happened under his Regime.
  • Since Yameen took over office of President: 3 Vice Presidents got unlawfully sacked by him.
  • He masterminded killing of MP Dr. Afrasheem and in abduction of Journalist Rilwan (Missing since 2014).
  • Economy has taken a steep fall. IMF reports claim that Maldivian economy is unstable and taking a downward plunge that might take years to recover.
  • Islands and atolls are now being sold without bidding, no public access to information process is provided.
  • De-legitimization of the whole opposition, rendering opposition leaders as traitors or terrorist. Mass imprisonment of opposition leaders carried by him.
  • 40 MDNF officers were sacked through unconstitutional and unjustified means and appointing his own boot-licking officers at high MDNF positions.
  • Barring of MNDF personnels from the right to vote and thus snatching away basic constitutional right of citizens.
  • Unconstitutionally hijacking of state machinery by sacking officers and appointing his puppets on senior positions.
  • Abolishing media’s freedom of expression by introducing “Defamation Law” and “Anti-Terrorism Law”. Mass imprisonment of journalist, often labeled as terrorist.
  • Abolishing citizens to even peacefully Protest against unjustified and unlawful regime. Any voice against him is branded as anti-national.
  • Canceling of Food subsidy, which multiplied the cost of even basic food items overnight. Huge black marketing of food overlooked by his regime.
  • Freezing the assets of any opposition among business communities, indirectly turning them under his control if they are to continue their businesses.
  • Taking for granted country’s citizens at times of H1N1 epidemic spread. Forcing schools to reopen at times of epidemic.
  • Prioritizing him and his dummy officials over other citizen and turning blind-eye to the panic among Maldivians due to shortage of medicines.
  • Abruptly cancelling international contracts without any valid reason and paying penalties imposed. Offering same contracts to his relatives without bidding.
  • Bribing judiciary by offering unlawful school contracts to wives of prominent judges in order to buy their loyalty towards the regime.
  • Money laundering through First Lady’s Sadaqat Foundation, terming commissions for unlawful contracts as donation for the NGO.
  • Distributing international aids (medicines, dates, etc) through First Lady’s NGO for cheap publicity instead of Government departments.
  • Barring opposition member of Majlis and preventing their entry to claim false win of “Vote of Confidence” in the Majlis and pretending to be democratically elected President.