Former President Solih Warns of Government Overspending on Salaries


Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has raised concerns over the government’s spending habits, emphasizing the strain it’s placing on the state’s budget. He pointed out that excessive spending on salaries is putting a significant dent in government finances.

Speaking at a campaign rally in support of Ali Riza, a candidate running for office in the Milandhoo constituency, President Solih highlighted the alarming increase in salary expenditures. He revealed that in just the first two months of this year, the government has splurged between an additional MVR 270 million and MVR 300 million solely on salaries. This stands in stark contrast to the previous year’s figures, where the government spent less.

In 2023, the government’s expenditure on salaries amounted to MVR 1.9 billion in the first two months. However, this year, the figure has skyrocketed to MVR 2.1 billion for the same period. President Solih expressed concern that this surge in salary spending is diverting funds away from essential projects such as airport improvements and land dredging.

Highlighting the significance of prudent fiscal management, President Solih stressed that if the funds allocated for salaries had been directed towards critical infrastructure projects, it could have accelerated the development of key national assets.

In light of these concerns, President Solih emphasized the importance of electing members from his party the to Parliament. He believes that MDP representatives can play a crucial role in steering the government towards more responsible practices, ensuring that taxpayer money is utilized efficiently for the betterment of the nation.