Musicians’ Union Challenges MATI’s Claim of Local Talent Shortage in Maldives


The Musicians’ Union of Maldives has strongly opposed the recent proposal put forth by the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) to streamline visa processes for foreign musicians and performers. MATI’s submission asserted a purported scarcity of local artists to meet the escalating demands of the growing number of tourist establishments.

In response to the claims made in MATI’s proposal, the Musicians’ Union took to social media, emphasizing the need to dispel the misconception that there is a shortage of homegrown talent. In a statement posted on X, the union expressed openness to welcoming foreign entertainers but stressed the abundance of local musicians and performers eager for opportunities.

We want to debunk the myth that our local talent is insufficient. Our homegrown musicians and performers are not only present but also ready and waiting for opportunities,” the union stated on X. Additionally, the union urged MATI to disclose any research findings it may have conducted on the availability of local artists, emphasizing the importance of basing such claims on concrete research.

The issue of a preference for foreign performers over local talents at resorts and guesthouses has long been a point of contention in the Maldives. The Musicians’ Union and Yumna Maumoon’s stance underscores the importance of supporting and promoting the rich pool of talent within the country.