Former President Solih Slams Government: Public Confidence Shattered!


In a recent speech at the campaign rally for Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) mayoral candidate Adam Azim, Former President Ibrahim Solih voiced the public’s growing lack of confidence in the current government. Solih highlighted the regret and disappointment felt by citizens who elected the government, stating that the hope for better service has turned into despair.

Addressing the crowd, Solih emphasized that the government, during its brief tenure, has failed to meet public expectations, leading to a sense of hopelessness among the people. He pointed out the prevalence of false information and expressed concern not only for the residents of Male’ but for the entire nation, stressing that citizens are now questioning the decisions they made in the past.

Solih, now representing the opposition MDP, pledged to hold the government accountable for its actions. He criticized the Male’ City Council for its perceived inability to address various issues in the capital. Solih accused the previous mayor of deviating from the intended purpose of decentralization, a concept introduced by MDP.

According to Solih, Adam Azim, the MDP mayoral candidate, is committed to adhering to the law and serving the people without attempting to establish a separate government within the council. Solih expressed confidence that Azim would fulfill his mayoral duties in line with the party’s principles and work towards finding solutions to community problems.

Solih also drew attention to his administration’s efforts to address the housing crisis by providing land plots and housing units. He criticized the current government for delaying these projects and argued that electing an MDP mayor would expedite their completion.

Highlighting the need for services in regions beyond Male’ to alleviate congestion, Solih underscored the importance of developing the entire nation for a permanent solution to the challenges faced in the capital. He warned that without accountability, the country could face developmental setbacks.

Solih urged both the public and the MDP not to passively observe the government’s actions and project delays. He emphasized the importance of holding the government accountable to prevent the Maldives from falling into a developmental pit.