Accused of Sexual Offense, Ahmed Shan Now Holds Deputy Minister Position


    Ahmed Shan, previously accused of a sexual offense against a young girl in 2017, has now been appointed as a deputy minister. Information on the President’s Office website reveals that Shan holds the position of deputy minister at the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure. This ministry has five other deputy ministers, not including Shan.

    Shan, who is a lawyer, was arrested on October 18, 2017, from a guesthouse on a southern Maldives island, where he was discovered with a 16-year-old girl. Although the lower court initially dismissed the case against him, the High Court later ordered the case to be reopened on July 8, 2021, following an appeal.

    The charge against Shan is related to unlawful sexual relations with a minor. As of now, the court has not yet issued a judgment in the case.