JP chooses not to support any candidate in first round


In a recent decision, the Jumhooree Party (JP) has announced that it will support only its own leader, Qasim Ibrahim, during the initial round of voting in the upcoming presidential election. This decision was reached during a two-hour-long meeting held by JP’s council on Wednesday evening.

After the meeting, JP’s chief spokesperson, Ali Solih, revealed that the council members unanimously agreed not to endorse any candidate other than Qasim Ibrahim. Previously, Qasim Ibrahim had engaged in discussions with former president Mohamed Nasheed and Maldives National Party (MNP) leader Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim. They had indicated an intention to support a joint candidate, but as of now, JP, MNP, and Nasheed’s Democrats are each pursuing separate presidential campaigns.

During the council meeting, Qasim Ibrahim shared details about his conversations with representatives from other political parties. The outcome of the meeting firmly establishes Qasim Ibrahim as the sole candidate representing Jumhooree Party in the upcoming election.

Ali Solih clarified that this decision does not undermine JP’s relationships with other political entities. While JP has chosen to field its own candidate, it remains open to collaboration and cooperation with other parties on matters of shared interest.

Furthermore, the council meeting also granted Qasim Ibrahim the authority to select his own running mate for the election, giving him the flexibility to assemble a team that aligns with his vision and goals.

This announcement sets the stage for an intriguing and competitive presidential election, as various parties in the Maldives prepare to present their candidates and visions for the future. As the political landscape evolves, the focus will now shift to the campaigning strategies and policies of the different candidates in the lead-up to the election day.