Dr. Iyaz has called out on Muizzu to stop using corrupt ways to come in power


Famous religious scholar Dr. Mohamed Iyaz of the Adhalaath Party took it to twitter to voice his opinion on the recently video shared by Male’ City Council Mayor Mohamed Muizzu. He posted a video on social media showing expatriates sleeping in a mosque in Dharanboodhoo.

Dr. Iyaz voiced that some politicians are trying to use corrupt ways to come into power. In response to the video, Dr. Iyaz had previously said that the mosque was a sacred place and that if anyone did anything to violate the sanctity of the mosque, it should be stopped.

In his tweet Iyaz said, “Those who overthrow the government and make the means to take over the environment will never succeed. If you have the capacity, come out with a proposal that benefits the citizens. Stop creating conflict.”

Dharanboodhoo Council said the building was used for various purposes after it was removed from the list of mosques. The council said the building has been leased since May 2020.

Dharanboodhoo Council President Abdul Hameed Adam said that the government has built a new mosque after the people complained that the mosque was built on graves. The mosque in the video is not in use, the council president said.

Since the mosque was handed over to the council, a Quran class has been run there. However, after a while the class stopped, and it was then used for public meetings. Hameed said that the team brought to the island to build the island’s harbour was leased to MTCC for two years.

Meanwhile, the public has expressed mixed emotions, many seems displeased seeing it as a propaganda. Backlashes were eventually directed towards Dr. Muizzu for trying to take a cheap shot.

Whereas people also expressed that it was wrong of the government to allow this regardless of the building that was once built to be used as mosque was in used or not.

The Islamic Ministry has also responded to the video circulating on social media by saying that the mosque is no longer in use. The ministry said the mosque, which was built in 2017, was closed after it was put into use.

Faafu Atoll Dharanbudhoo Council on Sunday announced the decision to no longer lease a building formerly used as a mosque on the island.

Dharanbudhoo Council noted that the videos and claims that expatriates were using the island’s mosque as accommodation were baseless lies being spread under a political agenda.