Mohamned Nasheed and Harsha De Silva in a spat of words, leaves twitter users confused


Responding to a news article published by the Colombo Gazette, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed took it to twitter to explain that the press story wasn’t accurate.

The news site reported that according to the MP the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince had told Nasheed that Sri Lanka does not have a proper plan in place.
Harsha de Silva said that Nasheed had also spoken to the ruler of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler had asked for a list of properties Sri Lanka is prepared to sell. “This shows that Sri Lanka doesn’t even have a representative to talk to MBS,” he added.
Mohamed Nasheed denied SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva’s claims that several countries have refused to assist Sri Lanka.

In what looked like a friendly but satirical refute, MP Dr. Harsha de Silva tweeted back to Nasheed saying, “With all due respect for my friend Pres Mohamed Nasheed, I stand by what I said re conversation with him a few weeks back.”

The Speaker is yet to make any statements regarding what the MP had to say about his tweet.

This has left the netizens of Maldives and Sri Lanka in a confused state.

Nasheed was recently appointed by Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to coordinate the relief efforts with other foreign nations to address its economic crisis.