Parliamentarians needed who can advocate National interest: Nasheed


Former President and parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed on Wednesday published a letter via his twitter.

The contents of the letter suggested that the parliament needs to amend changes for the composition of People’s Majilis— he stressed on the importance to set a limit for parliamentary seats. He reasoned that this was because of the number seats, increasing every five years and the issue needs to be resolved. The parliament consists of 5,000 people, each member represents a particular region or islands.

It is important to change the Constitution to determine a way to limit the number of seats,” he said.

Nasheed stated that the parliament is composed of separate geographic constituencies. He further noted that this was leading to the shortage of parliamentarians who can advocate and represent the entire Maldivian population, instead of just their individual constituencies.

Since the politics of Maldives is based on multi-party system, he suggested that it would be best to have national list parliamentarians who are elected from a party list. He also suggested have quota for women on the list.

While many participated in the conversation under his twitter post, some showed views of disagreement.

Whereas, some showed support


Speaking at the MDP National Assembly, Nasheed also noted several amendments that need to be brought to the constitution.