Drivers stops protesting, says will function at their earlier proposed fares


Over the long standing silence by the Transport Ministry regarding the demands and issues raised by the taxi drivers, a protest was carried out yesterday in Hulhumale’.

While the protest ended and drivers commenced taxi services, they are adamant that self increased rates on the fares will be on effect as proposed by them earlier.
These proposed changes to the fares where a result of recent increased hikes in the price of fuels.

The new taxi fares proposed by taxi center:

  •  Within Male’ City: MVR 30
  •  Within Hulhumale’ Phase I: MVR 25
  • Within Hulhumale’ Phase II: MVR 25
  •  Male’-Hulhumale’/Hulhumale’-Male’: MVR 100
  •  Male’-Hulhule’/ Hulhule’-Male’: MVR 80
  • Hulhumale’-Hulhule’/ Hulhule’-Hulhumale’: MVR 80
  •  Hulhumale’ Phase II-Male’/Male’-Hulhumale’ Phase II: MVR 120
  • Hulhumale Phase I-Hulhumale Phase II: MVR 40
  •  Male’-Seaplane terminal: MVR 100
  • Hulhumale’Phase I-Seaplane terminal: MVR 100
  •  Hulhumale Phase II-Seaplane terminal: MVR 120

A representative of the taxi centers detailed that fares will be displayed on all taxis from now on and that since it will be based on the consent by the customer, the police nor anyone can interfere in between.
The Ministry has said that they were in discussion with the stakeholders and that a response addressing the matter will be made by Sunday.
Meanwhile, public has also expressed their displeasure over the inflated rates, offered by the taxi drivers.