State Minister Arrested on Witchcraft Charges


Fathimath Shamnaz Ali Saleem, a State Minister at the Environment Ministry, has been arrested on charges of using black magic to get closer to President Muizzu. Shamnaz, who previously worked at the Presidential Palace Muleeaage before her transfer to the Ministry of Environment, has been remanded in custody for seven days.

Shamnaz, who previously worked at the Presidential Palace Muleeaage before being transferred to the Ministry of Environment, is the ex-wife of Adam Rameez, a Minister in the President’s Office.Reports indicate that Adam Rameez has also been suspended from his duties. Rameez, who had worked closely with President Muizzu, has notably been absent from the President’s side for several months. Both Shamnaz and Rameez were council members during President Muizzu’s tenure as mayor and had resigned from their council posts to take up government roles.

The arrest has sparked a flurry of reactions, especially on social media platforms X , where users have speculated about the political motivations behind the incident. Some believe that the arrest is part of a conspiracy orchestrated by the First Lady, following allegations that Shamnaz recorded and leaked a video related to the First Lady’s music faction.

The arrest of Shamnaz on charges of witchcraft raises questions about the interplay between personal vendettas and political maneuvering in the Maldives. It is yet to be seen how this incident will impact the dynamics within the government and its various factions.