Government fails to deliver on asset disclosure promise


Government officials, including President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef, promised to reveal their assets within 100 days of taking office. However, this pledge remains unfulfilled as the government hits its 100-day mark.

Although President Muizzu previously stated his intention to disclose financial statements, they have not yet been made public on the President’s Office website. The Audit Office confirmed that the government submitted the asset declarations but refused to disclose them.

Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration set a precedent by disclosing asset declarations within 55 days of assuming office. However, the current government has not followed suit.

President Muizzu campaigned on a platform of transparency, vowing to create a government free of secrecy. Despite this promise, there has been no official response from the President’s Office regarding the delayed publication of asset declarations.

Furthermore, President Muizzu pledged to limit political posts to 700, but there are currently over 300 appointees, including ministers and deputy ministers, with a monthly wage bill exceeding MVR 13 million.