140 Homes Damaged in Malé City Floods


Continuous rainfall and adverse monsoon activities have led to flooding in the capital city, Malé, causing damage to 140 houses. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reported that the damages resulted from water entering homes, rising from the ground, and water leakage.

Hisaan Hassan, the Chief Executive at NDMA, shared that 54 residents from 11 homes have been relocated to temporary shelters, with ongoing efforts to assist others affected by the flooding. The coordinated response involves NDMA, Maldives Red Crescent, Maldives Police Service, Maldives National Defence Force, Health Protection Agency, and the city council.

Various companies have supported these efforts, and assessments were conducted until Sunday evening, resulting in the relocation of 63 individuals from 12 houses. A rapid assessment of 140 houses confirmed that 54 people from 11 homes needed to be moved.

Hisaan emphasized the prediction of heavy rain for the next six days and stated that the government would assess damages to property and structures once the weather improves. Daily essentials, including cooking materials, were damaged in the floods, making it challenging to gather information about affected individuals. However, responding agencies are assisting in overcoming logistical constraints.

Temporary shelter occupants have been provided with food and essential arrangements, with efforts to ensure timely delivery of food parcels to those in need. Additionally, psychosocial support and doctor consultations are being provided to individuals requiring assistance.