Former PPM senate member Ahmed Ghalib joins Maldivian Democratic Party, advocates for President Solih’s re-election


In a significant political development, Ahmed Ghalib, the former Senate member of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and president of its Kelaa constituency, has made the decision to join the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Ghalib, who parted ways with the PPM earlier this month, cited an unsuitable environment within the party as the primary factor behind his departure.

In a ceremony attended by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, MDP Chairperson and Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail, and Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer, Ghalib was officially welcomed into the MDP fold. President Solih personally received Ghalib’s membership form, symbolizing the political shift.

During the event, Ghalib expressed that he had joined the MDP in solidarity with numerous family members from his birthplace, Vashafaru, as well as other island residents. He emphasized that this pivotal moment signifies the initiation of a process to transition the Kelaa constituency, which encompasses Vashafaru, into MDP territory ahead of the upcoming September presidential election.

Praising President Solih’s leadership, Ghalib commended his ability to make and fulfill promises, highlighting this as a crucial reason for advocating the president’s re-election for a second term. Ghalib’s decision to align himself with the MDP reflects his confidence in the party’s vision and the belief that President Solih’s administration has delivered on its commitments.

The move by Ghalib and his fellow constituents from Vashafaru holds substantial implications for the MDP’s political prospects in the upcoming election. By gaining the support of influential figures like Ghalib, the party aims to strengthen its position and expand its influence within the Kelaa constituency.

As the election draws near, the MDP is likely to intensify its efforts to consolidate support and secure a victory. The party’s growing appeal among prominent political figures, as evidenced by Ghalib’s switch, bolsters its prospects and showcases the increasing confidence in President Solih’s leadership.