MDP wins Guraidhoo Parliament seat after 14 years


Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has won the Parliament seat for Guraidhoo constituency. This victory is significant since Guraidhoo constituency has always favored the opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) since the current Green Constitution came into effect. Ibrahim Shaaz, the MDP candidate, won the seat with a difference of more than a hundred votes.

The by-election, held on Saturday, saw Shaaz competing against opposing PPM candidate Hussain Riza and MNP candidate Ali Arif. The seat had become vacant following the death of MP Ibrahim Riza earlier in February. Five ballot boxes were placed in the constituency islands of Guraidhoo (2), Maafushi (2), and Gulhi (1), with one ballot box placed in Male’ for constituents who resided in the capital.

Results by EC:

  • Hussain Riza (PPM): 1226 votes
  • Mohamed Shaaz (MDP): 1340 votes
  • Ali Areef (MNP): 136 votes

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih congratulated the candidate and stated that the outcome of the by-election showed that the people of the constituency were with the government. With Shaaz’s victory, the number of MDP MPs in the Parliament will increase to 68. The win is a major victory for the current government, and it demonstrates the people’s trust in the current government’s policies and leadership.

However, opposition coalition parties PPM and PNC have accused the government of influencing the results of the election and have protested. The EC has yet to respond to these accusations. The MDP must work towards building a better relationship with the opposition and focus on bringing the country together for its development and prosperity.

The victory of MDP in Guraidhoo constituency is a significant milestone for the current government, and it is a clear indication of the MDP’s increasing popularity and support among the people. The government must continue to work hard and fulfill its promises to the people, particularly in terms of improving the country’s economy, creating employment opportunities, and ensuring social welfare.