Mid-Year Completion of Giraavaru Land Reclamation Project


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced plans to reclaim land from Giraavaru in Kaafu Atoll, with the goal of allocating 2,000 plots of land to residents of Male’, the capital city of Maldives. The President stated that this land reclamation project would be completed by mid-2023. In addition, the government is actively evaluating applications for a variety of housing projects, including flats and land plots, in order to provide housing to residents of the city without exclusion.

The President also revealed plans to reclaim land from Gulhifalhu in Kaafu Atoll and assured residents that these projects will help to alleviate the long-standing housing difficulties faced by many in the city. In order to finance the project, the government has opened the door to investors to participate in the reclamation and development of Giraavaru land into a residential city, where the minimum cost for the project set at USD 5 Million. The President emphasized that the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure is currently in charge of evaluating the applications for flats and land, and will provide housing to eligible applicants.

Overall, the President’s announcements reflect the government’s commitment to addressing housing issues faced by residents in Male’ city, and to providing more opportunities for citizens to own land and property. The reclamation of Giraavaru and Gulhifalhu land is expected to create new housing opportunities and improve the quality of life for many Maldivians.