President Solih empowered to build winning coalition for Maldives’ presidential race


The Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) National Assembly has given President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih the power to discuss forming a coalition for the upcoming presidential election. The resolution was passed unanimously at a meeting held at Izzuddin School.

However, the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, who was defeated in the MDP presidential primary, and his supporters did not attend the meeting. President Solih was also given the authority to form a coalition in 2018, which led to his election with a multi-party coalition including Jumhooree Party (JP), Adhaalath Party (AP), and the Maldives Reform Movement (MRM). It is important to note that no single political party has won 50% of the votes required to secure the presidency without forming a coalition since the current constitution was introduced in 2008.