Teenage girl raped in Pakistan by a Chinese National


An FIR has been lodged against a Chinese national in the police station of Koral. The victim, reported to be 16 years in age claims that she was raped and assaulted for months.

The teenager was working as a translator for the Chinese man, operating a CCTV installation business at Ghauri Town on Rs15,000 per month salary since May 2021. According to the victim, the suspect started harassing her soon after she joined the job but it was not until January that she was sexually assaulted. The raping continued for months, hereafter, says the victim.

As a result, the girl got pregnant but didn’t disclose it to her family, fearing threats she received from the man. It was not until her elder sister notice her condition and took her to a private hospital for a check-up, where she was pronounced over 31 weeks pregnant. Later, the sister registered a case in the police station.

The police have since then taken the man under their custody and his passport has also been confiscated. DNA samples has also been collected.

Source – DAWN