Killer of Yameen Rasheed threatens Judge, compels to withdraw from case


Judge Adam Mohamed, presiding over the bench of judges hearing the bomb attack on Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, has withdrawn from the case after being threatened by the son of a defendant.

Besides Adam Mohamed, the bench is headed by Justice Sofwath Habeeb and Justice Mohamed Misbah.

The prosecution is charging the accused in connection with the May 6 assassination attempt on Nasheed— Mujaz Ahmed from Male’, Thahumeen Ahmed from Gaafu Alifu Kondey, and Ahmed Fathih from Laamu Gan, Ishaaq Mohamed Thasleem, Ali Haisham and Ishaaq.

Ahmed Adhuham, who was involved in the blast, was previously sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Judge Adam Mohamed decided to withdraw from the case. In connection with a letter from one of the defendants, Ishaaq.

Ishaaq wrote in his letter that his son had threatened Judge Adam when he had been in charge of the murder trial of blogger Yameen Rasheed earlier this year. One of his son’s uncles – Hassan Shifaz – had been a defendant in the case. Both Shifaz and Ishaaq share the same address.

According to police records, Hassan Shifaz has been previously charged with spying on blogger Yameen Rasheed and participating in his murder five years ago. However, he was not convicted at that time.

In his letter to Judge Adam its been reported that Ishaaq’s son threatened to kill Judge Adam Mohamed and his wife.

Judge Mohamed also revealed that four months have passed since the investigation into the threat received by him, but no arrests have been made so far. He also said that that no judge on the bench presiding over the case knew about the letter.

The hearing was adjourned after Judge Adam Mohammed decided to withdraw.