MDP secured Addu, Fuvahmulah and Kulhudhuffushi city mayor seats


Maldivian Democratic Party’s candidates have secured the mayoral seats on Addu City, Fuvahmulah City and Kulhudhuffushi City Councils.Results of Saturday’s Local Council Elections show MDP’s Ali Nizar won the Mayoral seat for southernmost Addu City with 1,400 votes. His rival, opposing Progressive Party of Maldives Mohamed Latheef won 1,100 votes. Independent candidate Ahmed Thariq won 60 votes.

Although MDP enjoyed full majority of the Addu City Council over the last five years, the party was only able to secure seven out of Addu City’s 13 seats in this year’s election. While three seats were won by PPM candidate, three additional seats were secured by independent candidates.

MDP won five seats of the Fuvahmulah City council. The mayoral seat was also bagged by MDP candisate Ismail Rafeeq after competing against a PPM and independent candidate. The remaining two seats on the council were won by PPM candidates.

Meanwhile, MDP’s Mohamed Athif secured the mayoral seat of the Kulhudhuffushi City Council. This is the first time council seats have been assigned for the city after it was given the status of a city in 2019. Most seats on the council were won by MDP candidates.