MDP releases its for Male in the upcoming Local Council Elections


Maldivian Democratic Party released its manifesto for Male’ City in the upcoming Local Council


The manifesto includes proposed strategies to ease traffic congestion in the overpopulated Maldivian capital, introducing school buses and an inner-city bus service.

Introduce designated locations and times for taxis to stop and for vehicles to load and unload cargo.

Pledges to encourage and facilitate the use of environment friendly battery electric vehicles, and declare and implement a vehicle carrying capacity.


The biggest pledge on the manifesto is the promise of providing housing. MDP pledges to introduce council housing – which will allow the lowest income group to purchase flats by making monthly payments over a long period of time. MDP promises the monthly rent will be no higher than MVR 6,400.

Pledges to build 10,000 housing units in the greater Male’ region, which, in addition to council housing, will include housing units for 4,000 families with a monthly income of MVR 17,000-32,000, and 5,600 families with a monthly income of MVR 32,000-64,000.


Job centers will be established in each constituency to assist the youth seeking employment. The job centers will be responsible for collecting and managing information on employment opportunities, those who are employed and those seeking employment, and link the unemployed with available employment opportunities.Job centers will be provided an allowance.


Plans to build a society which will facilitate greater bonds of family and friendship.  MDP says they will make public areas which will allow everyone to exercise and socialize, and also establish resources needed for young men and women who wish to pursue music and performance art.


MDP proposes introducing a new opportunity for convicts to reduce their sentence through a social service which will be introduced under the management of the city council. MDP says the system will expedite the parole process and strengthen probation.