Sixth Amendment to the Employment Act

President  Solih has ratified the sixth amendment to the Maldives Employment Act (2/2008).

  • It compulsory for all employers to provide a signed copy of the employment agreement to all employees.
  • 30 days of paid sick leave granted to all employees, hereafter allowing employees up to two consecutive days (15 days annually) of paid sick leave without providing a medical certificate.
  • Minimum wage for all employees in the Maldives.
  •  Provisions for prioritising Maldivians for employment and training opportunities .
  • Standards for accommodations and living conditions provided by employers.

Second Amendment to the Audit Act ‎

  • The amendment is intended to ensure that the Auditor General can perform their mandate independently, adding safeguards against undue influences that would compromise the integrity of the office.

3rd Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act

  • Rape and sexual abuse of children as serious criminal offences.

Covid-19 Special Measures Bill 2020

  • Facilitating assistance to families struggling to access basic necessities.
  • Ensuring temporary shelter to those in need
  • Precautionary measures to prevent homelessness.
  • Special leave policies for employees unable to perform their routine work-responsibilities due to Covid-19.

Second Amendment to the Human Rights Commission Act

  • Safeguards to prevent corruption within the Human Rights Commission .
  • It mandates that all appointed individuals must declare their assets, and ensures that they cannot unduly benefit from their position or exercise undue influence.

First Amendment to the Special Act to Ensure Enforcement of Decentralization Act

  • Three new provisions following section 7 of the Act.
  • These provide guidelines describing the manner in which the President and Vice-President of the Local Government Authority (LGA) should be elected. Under the amendment, the President of the LGA will be answerable to the Parliament, on LGA-related matters.