Maldives is paralyzed with the economic meltdown, rising terrorism, ethnic and political killings, acute food and electricity shortages, rising unemployment and deteriorating law and order situations. Elections in Maldives have become auctions, and nearly every issue is paralyzed by the overwhelming influence of money, but Maldivians already know that. The real challenge of Maldives is how to fix what has become one of our nation’s most pressing political challenges. President Yameen’s highly personalized and autocratic mode of governing has allowed critical issues confronting Maldives to either be neglected or decision-making shifted away from the civilian democratic dispensation.

Maldives is suffering under blood-sucking mentality of President Yameen, who was elected in Maldives controversial 2013 elections by Maldivians with high hopes.

The high hopes of people of Maldives is now slowly diminishing and are practically on the verge of extinction by imposition of President Yameen’s self-centered autocratic laws and policies. The plight of the Maldivians, ignored by the Yameen government, has led to street protests by long-suffering citizens of Maldives, and a violent official response instead of a viable policy to deal with their genuine grievances.
The downward spiral in health-care and education in the country, alongside rising poverty and environmental degradation, are becoming glaring. But the Yameen government seems to be either in total denial or simply unable or unwilling to move on these counts. The only enterprises the Government is focused on are mega projects like China-Maldives Friendship Bridge and IGM new building, which add nothing to the ground level human development of the country.
For over a year, investigators have pored over questions of mismanagement and corruption and President Yameen’s autocratic regime in Maldives is already under heavy global criticism for its involvement in US$ 1.6bn corruption scandal involving sale of islands to resorts owners without any sort of competitive bids. To further add to the woes of people of Maldives, the political instability in Maldives and jailing of most of opposition leaders of Majlis on account of terrorism, leaves Maldives with no leaders to replace Yameen and its puppet ministers.
Every voice that has been raised against President Yameen has been crushed in Maldives, all thanks to the corrupt judiciary and curb on media’s freedom of expression. Threats, arrests, kidnapping and murder looms over leaders of opposition and journalists, who are even suspected to be “Anti-Yameen”. The peaceful protest of people of Maldives against the autocratic regime have been crushed repeatedly by use of brutal force and violent action of armed forces of Maldives.
President Yameen is fooling the world in name of “Democracy” and misleading the people of Maldives, while at same time using his power and influence to fill wealth into his own pockets. Maldives is already suffering under huge international loans, the rate of interest of which have been a guarded secret of Yameen government. To prevent the people of Maldives from questioning the government’s expenses and policies formed behind closed doors , President Yameen has doubled the price of basic necessities like food and electricity.
With people struggling to meet their basic requirements, President Yameen is moving ahead with his personal dream mega-projects unquestioned and with no accountability of money being spent and repayments being made. The contracts for these projects are being awarded to close ties of President Yameen without invitation of any sort of competitive bids from any other company.
Maldivians have lost any and every hope from the Yameen regime which has been infested with corruption from top to bottom. The whole administration of Maldives, including the judiciary and distribution of power in Majlis is now infected with corruption and dictatorship ways of governance.
Enough is Enough !!! Maldivians cannot allow policies of President Yameen to add to the woes of already struggling economy of Maldives anymore. Maldives need a revolution to overthrow President Yameen and weed-out evil policies of corruption from the system.
The time to stay quiet is over and time has arrived for each and every Maldivian to raise voice against evil governance of Maldives. Freedom is every Maldivians birthright and needs to be demanded from the government, not requested or begged. If the leaders of any nation or community cannot benefit the people of the nation or community, they should be thrown out of their leadership.