This Independence day saw people expressing the real meaning of freedom on Social Media. Below are 14 tweets that you must read about the 51st Independence Day of our country!

  1. EU to the Maldives@EU_Maldives

Wishing all Maldivians a Happy 51st Independence Day. The EU stands with those struggling to preserve fundamental freedoms.

2. James Dauris@JamesDauris

On Maldives Independence Day: sharing Maldivians’ hopes that rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution will advance in coming year.

3. Ismail Zariyand@zariyand

Real Celebration of Independence is; when the common people feel it and celebrate willingly on their own.

4. Shahindha Ismail@HindhaIsmail

The word ‘independence’ cannot apply to the Maldives in any sense. We are dependent internationally and caged domestically.

5. Rashu Meehaa@rashumeehaa

Boycott Independence Day!

6. Hisaan@hisaanhussain

YAG begins IndepDay cebrations: 6 protesters jailed fr 5 yrs,an MP jailed fr 6 months,RTV given final warning,an MP summoned& ph confiscated

7. Eva Abdulla@evattey

The crimes are becoming vaguer,the punishments harsher, signaling increasing insecurity of a despot.Signals endgame!

8. Ahmed Shaheed@ahmedshaheed

Maldives marks 51st anniversary of Independence with most political leaders as refugees in former imperial metropole or in jail in Maldives!

9. Aisthu@aisthu

Maldives maybe free but Maldivians are prisoners of its own Government n Judiciary #NoIndependaceDay for us

10. Ali Naafiz @naafix (Journalist with mihaarunews)

Media should follow @maumoonagayoom & boycott July 26. No point in marking Independence Day when there’s no press freedom. We must resist!

11. Yameen Rasheed@yaamyn

Yet another black day in Maldives. The only flag that should be waved rightfully tomorrow is a black flag. We have not achieved independence.

12. Anas Abdul Sattar@anasabdulsattar

Maldives turned into a dictatorship on its 51st independence day!
13. Mahfooz Saeed@MahfuzSayd

“Protests are the voices of the unheard.. and you will hear us now”

14. J

Gina baehge shu’oorakee minivan kamuge ihsaas nuvaakamah. Mi July26 dhuvahu au hivvarakai eku minivankan hoadhumah vaudhu vumah dhanavan.