Maldives Correctional Service warns former President Yameen over political activities


The Maldives Correctional Service has issued a strong warning to former president Abdulla Yameen. They cautioned that they might end their agreement with him if he continues to break the terms that allowed certain privileges during his confinement.

Yameen was moved from Maafushi Prison to his Male’ City residence on October 1, shortly after Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the presidential candidate for PPM-PNC, won the election. The Correctional Service gradually improved his confinement conditions, initially permitting medical absences and later allowing him to exercise and meet specific people with prior notice.

However, as Yameen became more involved in political activities, attending gatherings and addressing supporters at the PPM headquarters on Sunday and Monday, the Correctional Service expressed concerns that he was violating the agreement terms.

The service has officially warned Yameen to follow the agreement terms and told him they will terminate the agreement if he continues to violate them. It’s important to note that the Maldives Prisons and Parole Act forbids convicts from engaging in political activities. Yameen’s active involvement in politics has sparked criticism, with many questioning whether he is being held to the same legal standards as others.