Religious scholars unite in support of President Solih’s re-election bid


Over a dozen religious scholars have publicly expressed their endorsement for President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the presidential candidate of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). During a press conference convened by the religious scholars today, Sheikh Ilyas Hussain emphasized that their decision to support President Solih in the upcoming election was grounded in their collective experiences as scholars and adhered to established academic principles.

Sheikh Ilyas commended President Solih’s exemplary leadership qualities, citing his remarkable patience and discernment in decision-making, which stands in stark contrast to impulsive actions taken by past leaders,” he noted. Sheikh Ilyas also highlighted the administration’s approach to individuals with diverse ideological viewpoints. He praised President Solih for fostering cooperation rather than imprisoning dissenting voices.

As evidence of this, he pointed out that President Solih has maintained a strong political coalition with other parties—an unprecedented achievement in the Maldivian political landscape.

Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali, the Islamic Minister, joined the press conference and underscored the administration’s commitment to religious programs. He disclosed that the government had organized a staggering 10,696 religious programs over the past five years, demonstrating its dedication to advancing religious matters. Dr. Zahir further revealed that bills pertaining to Zakat and Hajj had been drafted with President Solih’s guidance and were currently under review by the Attorney General.

He expressed optimism that these bills would be swiftly enacted into law. Moreover, Dr. Zahir emphasized President Solih’s responsiveness to religious concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He recounted how the President had sought and followed the advice of religious scholars in addressing the unique challenges posed by the pandemic. Dr. Zahir concluded his remarks by acknowledging President Solih’s commitment to ensuring the freedom of religious scholars to operate within the state, making their work more accessible and effective.

The gathering of religious scholars present at the press conference collectively called upon the people to cast their votes in favor of President Solih, emphasizing that his leadership had been instrumental in preserving the nation’s security and tranquility. Notably, the scholars in attendance represented a diverse array of affiliations, including members of the Adhaalath Party, which is in a political coalition with the MDP, as well as those who were unaffiliated with any political party.