President Solih refutes accusations of greed for power, points finger at Nasheed


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has spoken out against claims made by Parliament Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed, that he is operating out of greed for power. In a campaign event for MDP’s presidential primary, President Solih denied the accusations and instead pointed the finger at Nasheed, stating that it is he who is truly driven by a desire for power.

During his visit to Baa Atoll as part of his campaign tour, Nasheed criticized President Solih, claiming that he was looking to amend the constitution after his second term in order to secure a third term in office. President Solih took the opportunity to set the record straight, stating that he has no intention of seeking a third term and that he would even step down from leadership if the governance system were to change to a parliamentary system.

I am a supporter of the presidential system. Had I been a supporter of the parliamentary system, I would not have contested in a presidential election. Therefore, please cast your vote in the upcoming primary after careful consideration,” he said.

President Solih also emphasized that he was not appointed president by just one person, but rather by the support of roughly 138,000 people. He stated, “I was not elected to this post with the support of just one person. With the support and votes of thousands of people. I am only able to remain in this post, not with the support of just one person, but the support of and well-wishes of you all.”

The MDP presidential primary, which has a confirmed voter list of 57,255 people, is set to take place on January 28th. President Solih and Nasheed are both campaigning for the primary, but it remains to be seen who will come out on top.