Perpetrators of the Yoga Day Event would be penalized: EC


Election Commission (EC) has announced that any political party found to have been involved in the attack on the International Yoga Day event held on 21st June would be penalized.

“If the investigation by Maldives Police Service proves this incident involved any political party, that party will be taken action against under Article 49 of the Political Parties Act,” said EC.

The fine imposed would be of MVR 30,000-MVR 75,000 for misconduct.

The event was attended by dozens of participants, including foreign ambassadors and diplomats.

A group of protesters threatened, attacked and vandalized the property carrying flags containing verses from the Shahada.

PPM involved?
Many have accused that the flags which were used by these rioters were the same flags used in PPM’s recent rally. Photos have also emerged where the office of the PPM can be seen distributing the flags early in the morning, before the event commenced.

Police have also confirmed that the items used by the rioters had come from the office of PPM. The Police said in a statement that they were treating the incident as a serious issue, and it was under investigation by the Serious and Organized Crime Department.

“The information collected so far establishes that some the items used by some of those involved in this incident were taken from the office of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM),” said the police.

Commissioner of the Maldives Police tweeted his concerns over Police efforts in yesterday’s event and said will be reviewing internally.

Addressing the issue, PPM’s Secretary-General Mohamed Tholal gave statements that the flags used by rioters were similar to the ones used by PPM, but he was unclear whether it was the same flags.

“Its possible those were our flags. I am unable to say for sure yet whether those were our flags,” he said.

Political Parties Issues Statements Condemning the attack:
Maldives Third-Way Democrats: MTD in an official statement tweeted, “Maldives Third-Way Democrats MTD condemns violent attack planned and master minded by President Yameen and PPM on International Yoga Day event targeting Maldives Youth Minister, Indian High Commissioner to Maldives & UN representative to Maldives & Diplomats and participants.”
Maldives Democratic Party (MDP):

MP Nazim also tweeted condemning the attack.

Islamic Ministry has also appealed to the public not to fall victim to phoney activities arranged by unknown entities to gain some political millage and benefits in the pretense of defending Islam and Prophet Mohamed.